Barons Creek VineyardsThere are four levels of quarterly wine club memberships at our Fredericksburg Winery located on Highway 290 just a few miles outside of downtown Fredericksburg. Our most popular club is our Four-Bottle Club.

Here’s how it works: You pick your wine type: Dry Red Only or Mixed White & Red. Our winemaker chooses four selections every February, April, September and November at a fixed price of just $139, plus tax, per quarter.

But the best part is, you can choose to pick your own wines each quarter! Rather than a fixed price, you’d pay retail less 20%. Depending on what you choose, it still works out to a range of around ($110 to $160). There are a host of benefits to take advantage of at our gorgeous property on 290 in Fredericksburg including 20% off member stays at our on-property Villas.

While our BCV Wine Room in Georgetown has it’s own, independent VIP Wine Club, local Williamson County residents can enjoy the added convenience of picking up their Barons Creek Vineyards Club shipments at our Georgetown location and can use their 20% discount on bottles and glasses.

For more information on the variety of Wine Club choices and VIP memberships, stop in to our brand new Wine Room on the square in downtown Georgetown.